B i o g r a p h y

I was born in the small town of Clermont, FL. I'm told the hospital which I entered this world, closed shortly after my birth. This fact can only mean 1 of 3 things:


1) The hospital didn't want to risk delivering another "Me" 

2) Once perfection was achieved, the hospital ceased trying again

3) The hospital ran out of money, and was forced to close


Any one of these conclusions are acceptable in my mind. If you care to hold an opinion on the matter, please consider the 3 suggestions I've provided. Let's continue....


At age 2, I moved to Tampa, FL. Well, my parents moved and I went along with them. At 2 years old, my options were limited. For the next 18 years, I would live in the suburbs of Tampa between Brandon and Valrico. At 20 years old, I moved to Groveland, FL (just outside aforementioned Clermont) to attend my 3rd and 4th college in 3 years. After some misfortunate life events, I dropped out of college during my 4th year, and moved back to Tampa to enter the professional world. After 8 years of office/desk sitting, I moved back to Groveland (see 3 sentences ago); to pursue my lifelong dream of being a professional golfer on the PGA tour. 


Wait....isn't this a music site? What's the story on your music???


At age 13, my neighbor started playing guitar. All I knew about music was my neighbor played guitar, and all the girls I knew LOVED it. Less than 2 months later I was given my first guitar. My neighbor's was a solid black electric Stratocaster. My first guitar was a classical nylon string. Mine wasn't nearly as sexy. My first lesson, being musically clueless, I told my teached I wanted to play Classical (thinkging what I later found out was known as Classic Rock). Instead I was guided through the likes of Carcassi, Bach, Mozart, etc on nylon guitar. No girls, no sexy guitar, and no music I enjoyed playing; is why I must thank my Mother for FORCING me to practice everyday. Otherwise, I would have quit after lesson #1.
After a year of classical music, I was given my first electric guitar. This of course was my formal introduction into distortion. After 3 years of bleeding my parents ears dry riff by riff, me and 3 friends started a punk rock band known as SplitCycle. After a handful of shows and a horrible demo TAPE (yes, tape); SplitCycle ceased to exist. Upon the demise of SplitCycle, the era of Dashboard Confessional entered the college scene, and lead singer from SplitCycle and I decided that acoustic duo emo music was our ticket to music fame. The next couple years, we wrote what we called "poetry" and learned the rights and wrongs of songwriting (i.e. you don't have to force rhyming words and monotonous melodies apparently). 
After a few years of rarely picking up a guitar, I received a call that my uncle bought a bar. He asked me to help him bring the "Key West" atmosphere by playing some solo shows. Over the next couple years I met new people and music fans that consistently requested my performance. After booking some private shows for some of the patrons, I decided to start playing more venues. The more I played the more the creative side wanted to write new music. 
That brings us to the present, so to be continued.....